Babybae is a Spanish brand of childcare products founded and trademarked by Diseño Inyección y Tecnología Industrial SL (Dintec Industrial SL), a firm well established in the field ofplastic injection and transformation processes. Dintec is dedicated, among other activities, to the manufacture ofchildcare and pharmacy products in compliance with UNE EN1400:2013 (+A1:2014) safety regulations for childcare products. We hold the latest european safety certification for childcare products.
Our products are developed with excellence in mind throughout the whole manufacturing process, centralizing transformations and processes inside our state-of-the-art, highly hygienical facilities, which, in addition to the usage ofonly the finest materials, results in fine products able to meet our very high quality and safety standards. “Technology and love in symbiosis”. “20 years ofexperience at the service ofthe greatest joy in our homes”