The Babybae family of products meets stringent and in-depth quality controls in every step of the manufacturing process. All of our products have been independently tested by the AIJU technological institute for children’s products and leisure, obtaining UNE EN1400:2013 (+A1:2014) certifications

Our products are wholly manufactured inside our own facilities in Spain, using the finest materials available, free of both BPA and BPS. Our five-piece pacifier is especially designed for a solid and rugged glue and solder free construction.
The studied design ofour pacifiers guarantees adequate saliva disposal.

Our pacifiers are especially designed to ensure a proper and natural disposal of the child’s saliva, which is critically
important to prevent dermatitis and other skin disorders. Our curved shape design has been tested successfully
for avoiding saliva
This feature does not affect the babies’ experience
with the pacifier at all, nor the visual appeal of the product.